Why a blog?  Good question.  We’ve been consumers-only of the social media movement;  Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts, WeChat accounts, SnapChat accounts, Twitter accounts, WhatsApp accounts…  Got them all and we keep up-to-date on the latest posts and pictures from friends, but rarely choose to post updates on ourselves.

Given the geographic disbursement of our family and friends, we’ve been feeling disconnected by not sharing our memories and updates of our family.  We’ve never been particularly good at catching up via phone and every time we attempt to compose a personalized email, the message ends up sitting in our ‘Draft Folder’, half-written until we end up deleting it a month later.  Our hope is that our blog helps us to connect and stay-in-touch with all of you.

The blog also serves as a digital history of the Yen Clan’s memories and experiences.  Over the past few weeks as we have gone back looking at old pictures and videos, it’s truly amazing how much we forget.  We’d like to document some of our more significant happenings and spend more time reflecting and sharing these moments with you.  Unlike an old picture or video, buried in some folder on our computer, that with each passing year seems to slip away from our memories, we’d like to ensure that those memories are never really lost to us.  Our blog, will help us to remember and cherish these memories.

So with that, this is the start of digitally recording the Yen Clan memories.