There is one team that everybody in the Seattle area passionately roots for and that is the Seattle Seahawks.  Perhaps since Seattle doesn’t have a current NBA basketball team (Seattle Sonics left in 2008), or a current NHL hockey team (Seattle Totems folded in 1975), or a current MLB baseball team (you can’t consider the Seattle Mariners a MLB team as they are 1 of 2 teams who have never even been to a World Series), is the reason why Seattleites love their football.

From Blue Fridays where the mandatory dress code is wearing a Seahawks jersey to the 12th man crowd noise at the stadium where the collective roar can reach a staggering 137.6 decibels close to eardrum rupture, Seattleites are crazy for their beloved Seahawks.

And so we’ve fully embraced the Seahawks as our adopted team and have become a family of devout 12th man fans watching almost every game for the past few seasons.  Despite our enthusiasm, we’ve never been to Century Link field to attend a game in person.

That all changed when we attended a fundraiser for Keaton’s school and engaged in a bidding war for a pair of Seahawk tickets and as you can imagine, won with the highest bid.  As the Seahawks vs. Panthers game approached, we faced a family dilemma, no more like an epic family feud of which two would watch the game from home and which two would attend the game in person.  In the end, we decided that this was the perfect teaching moment to showcase the meaning of compromise, delayed gratification, and not always getting what you want.  And so we immediately purchased another two tickets so that the entire family could go…  There goes those lessons, but we did enjoy the game as a family and had a memorable night out.

Let’s go Seahawks!