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New Year’s Resolutions – 2018

Last year we spent a couple of hours as a family writing down our New Year's Resolution.  Given his Product Management background, Bennet insisted we have goals tied to different aspects in our lives:  Health, Personal Relationships, Personal Development, Spiritual... Continue Reading →

Christmas 2017

What a busy year 2017 turned out to be.  We took our first vacation as a full family in 2017 over Week 51 and 52, driving to Montana to snowmobile in Yellowstone National Park and ski at the Yellowstone Club.... Continue Reading →

Bennet’s上海 Visit

I recently returned from a business trip to Shanghai where I have not visited for the past two years.  I have to admit that I had butterflies in my stomach over this once routine trip.  However, once I landed, the familiarity of... Continue Reading →

General Update – April 2017

Happy Spring to everyone!  As usual, we've had a busy month and we thought we would provide just a General Update on what's been going on in the Yen Clan. Getting Dry in Scottsdale We headed down to Scottsdale for... Continue Reading →

Bennet’s Solo Road Trip

I've been pondering a solo road trip for a while but to be completely honest, I was as excited as scared at the opportunity.  When was the last time, I traveled alone into the wilderness?  What are all the possible "bad"... Continue Reading →

Virgin Road Trip

We finally found a long weekend for our first road trip with Ruby.  If you're not sure who Ruby is, check out this blog entry first and then come back... What's become a bit of a tradition is for Eugenia... Continue Reading →

Everything’s Bigger in Texas!

We just wrapped up a 2 week visit to Texas for the Holidays.  We spent time in Austin, Waco (visiting Chip and Joanna Gaines) and Dallas with dear friends and family and for the first time ever, Eugenia and I... Continue Reading →

Please welcome the arrival of…

Ruby "Rubes" Yen, 179.9" long and weighing 4050 lbs into our world.  Born in 1989 but welcomed into our family on October 30, 2016 at 2:05pm.  Mother is doing well and both Keaton and Mathew are excited for our newest addition... Continue Reading →

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