Today is the right day to love, believe, do and live…


There is one team that everybody in the Seattle area passionately roots for and that is the Seattle Seahawks.  Perhaps since Seattle doesn't have a current NBA basketball team (Seattle Sonics left in 2008), or a current NHL hockey team... Continue Reading →

Conclusion of Another Soccer Season

Mathew's soccer team had their last game yesterday of the season.  Bennet weathered the cold weather and managed to take a few clips of the game yesterday. Quite amazing how far he's come from the Kindergarten Soccer in his early... Continue Reading →

Bear Creek Winter Concert 2016

Congratulations to Keaton and his Sinfonia musicians who performed in the Bear Creek Winter concert.  Keaton's been a soloist for most of his 12 years of playing violin so we enjoyed watching him have so much fun playing as a group... Continue Reading →

Please welcome the arrival of…

Ruby "Rubes" Yen, 179.9" long and weighing 4050 lbs into our world.  Born in 1989 but welcomed into our family on October 30, 2016 at 2:05pm.  Mother is doing well and both Keaton and Mathew are excited for our newest addition... Continue Reading →

Cross Country Running

This past summer, Eugenia and I had our "carpe diem" conversation with Keaton challenging him to push himself out of his comfort zone by engaging in new activities this school year.  Keaton chose Cross Country as a new sport that he would... Continue Reading →

First blog post

Why a blog?  Good question.  We've been consumers-only of the social media movement;  Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts, WeChat accounts, SnapChat accounts, Twitter accounts, WhatsApp accounts...  Got them all and we keep up-to-date on the latest posts and pictures from friends, but rarely... Continue Reading →

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