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This Past Cello Year

Congratulations Mathew for finishing Book 5 of the Suzuki Repertoire for Cellos.  We are very proud of this milestone that started when Mathew was 5 years old with several breaks and interludes over the past 8+ years. A special shout-out to... Continue Reading →

Christmas Lights 2016

This past Saturday, we decided to brave the Artic Blast and spend an evening touring the Bellevue Botanical Garden for their Garden d'Lights event featuring over half-a-million lights. We had a festive evening and the experience was worth wearing the extra... Continue Reading →


There is one team that everybody in the Seattle area passionately roots for and that is the Seattle Seahawks.  Perhaps since Seattle doesn't have a current NBA basketball team (Seattle Sonics left in 2008), or a current NHL hockey team... Continue Reading →

Conclusion of Another Soccer Season

Mathew's soccer team had their last game yesterday of the season.  Bennet weathered the cold weather and managed to take a few clips of the game yesterday. Quite amazing how far he's come from the Kindergarten Soccer in his early... Continue Reading →

Bear Creek Winter Concert 2016

Congratulations to Keaton and his Sinfonia musicians who performed in the Bear Creek Winter concert.  Keaton's been a soloist for most of his 12 years of playing violin so we enjoyed watching him have so much fun playing as a group... Continue Reading →

Please welcome the arrival of…

Ruby "Rubes" Yen, 179.9" long and weighing 4050 lbs into our world.  Born in 1989 but welcomed into our family on October 30, 2016 at 2:05pm.  Mother is doing well and both Keaton and Mathew are excited for our newest addition... Continue Reading →

Cross Country Running

This past summer, Eugenia and I had our "carpe diem" conversation with Keaton challenging him to push himself out of his comfort zone by engaging in new activities this school year.  Keaton chose Cross Country as a new sport that he would... Continue Reading →

First blog post

Why a blog?  Good question.  We've been consumers-only of the social media movement;  Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts, WeChat accounts, SnapChat accounts, Twitter accounts, WhatsApp accounts...  Got them all and we keep up-to-date on the latest posts and pictures from friends, but rarely... Continue Reading →

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